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Koreans are very passionate about reaching their goals. Koreans are also known for their enthusiasm in education. As a result, Korea is one of the most active countries in the world when it comes to foreign exchange programs. Our company, Aim High Education, then is an organization that acts as a pedestal for Korean’s passion for education. ‘Aim high!’ is the name of our company and also an apt description of what the Korean dream is all about.

Aim High Education was founded in 2003, by a group of educators with experiences in the cultural-exchange and professional networking field. It all began when we started to send Korean secondary students to the United States through U.S. Department of State’s exchange student program.

Now, we have come so far to educate the students before they go on to America in order to facilitate their ability to immediately have great experiences once they arrive in the states; this is one of the reasons why our organization is so well known among Korean high school students.

In addition to the exchange student program, we offer short-term programs and vacation programs for elementary, secondary and college students who are also wanting to participate in the cultural-exchange program.

In addition to the extensive foreign exchange programs that are prevalent all across America, we are able to support students’ dreams even further by offering various programs not only in the United States, but also in Canada, Philippines, China, Australia and New Zealand.

We are also promoting study-abroad and internship programs for college students.
Aim High Education has several partnerships with language institutions in Manila, Cebu, Vancouver, Toronto, San Francisco, New York and Atlanta in order to meet with our students’ specific needs

Aim High Education will always strive to be a bridge between Korea and other foreign countries when it comes to cultural exchange programs. Until Koreans and the rest of the world become familiar with each other to the fullest extent, Aim High Education will always try our best to fulfill everyone’s passion for education and success.

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